We are passionate about Cybersafety

Cybersafety within the aerospace domain has evolved heavily during the last decade. Several standards are available to guide the aviation industry to increase the cyber resilience. In addition, the industry is challenged to change the mindset and integrate the cybersafety aspects end-to-end.

From research of new technologies up to the management of the ever-changing threat landscape during development, operations, and decommissioning.

Reach out to us today to start discussing the current landscape of cybersafety in aviation. We provide advisory, consultancy, and research on current and upcoming challenges within the industry

Portfolio and Services

Whether you are about to setup a cybersafety engineering team or you need to setup an Information Security Management System for operational services; we are available to discuss your needs and provide the necessary services as listed below.

  • Governance

    Provide advice and guidance to integrate Cybersafety matters within the organization.

  • Training

    Custom Training on Cybersafety for managers, engineers, and subject matter experts.

  • Engineering

    Gap Assessments, providing threats and risks on new technologies and product changes.

  • Integration

    Provide guidance to improve communication between all stakeholders within a project.

  • Certification

    Support the road towards certification as Subject Matter Expert (SME) on airworthiness security.

  • Security Management

    Set up of an Information Security Management System in alignment with PART-IS.

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Benjamin Nagel is an internationally recognized expert for cybersafety engineering within the aviation industry. With over a decade of experience in cybersecurity engineering within the aviation industry CyberBen helps manufacturing companies, services providers, operators, and regulators.